Thursday, 23 April 2009

Auchterarder: 6th Day

Rock Form (Pentel Brushpen, watercolour, A4 sketchbook)

First of all, a Happy St George's Day to Englishmen and women everywhere, whatever your colour or creed. This is your day, even if, like me, you're somewhere where the more exuberant display of celebration might not be diplomatic.

I did this drawing at the quarry on the way up to Craig Rossie, too. The more I stared at the rock face, the more evident it became that there was a triangular, or pyramidal shape in the fractured rock. So I drew it with the Pentel Brushpen, losing myself regularly in the splits and shadows until I'm sure this isn't in any way an accurate record of the rocks.

The watercolour wash was an afterthought, but one I'm pleased with.


vivien said...

a great series - this one is positively Vorticist!

harrybell said...

I knew it reminded me of something, Vivien! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, good call. Vorticist with a dab of Futurist. Looks like your trip to Scotland agreed with you, Harry, judging from the quality of the works you produced there.

Bruce T.

harrybell said...

Very agreeable, Bruce, apart from the fly-tipping.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

very cool. always cool.

harrybell said...

Thanks, Andrea.