Thursday, 9 April 2009

Short Stay Among the Oaks

Trees at Sawrey (work in progress)

I was hoping to get a lot done in two days at the Club this week, but I wasn't counting on being asked for advice on a painting, nor on the building being closed tomorrow for Good Friday. I'm afraid I lose track of public holidays now that my life doesn't depend on being given time off by the Man.

And I must emphasise that I don't by any means resent being asked for advice. Thinking about other people's paintings can be really helpful in formulating your own ideas of what is right and what not so right, and putting them into words.

Still, it means I made slow progress on the Trees today. I've removed some of the surplus marks from the grassy planes, which I do think helps to keep the eye in the essential areas of wall, rocks and trees. I'll just have to wait until next week to do more.

Meanwhile, since I won't be at the Club tomorrow, it'll be back to the trams.

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