Friday, 10 April 2009

To the Trams, via the Station

Night Station (work in progress)

Although I went into the studio with every intention of working exclusively on the Tram Series, I discovered a desperate need to revisit the Night Station first. Of course, given my basic level of disorganisation, I couldn't lay my hands on the reference material for this picture, so I could only go this far with it today (I found the references later and am not prepared to embarrass myself by saying where).


Prague Tram No.1 (work in progress)

Prague Tram No.3 (work in progress)

I'm having reservations about No.3. I may rethink the livery.


r garriott said...

A lovely series. That streak of green light is, Pow! Would these correctly be referred to as 'the tubes'?

I'm glad to have found your blog. Look forward to what you do ext.

harry bell said...

Welcome to Boogie Street. The underground railway in London is called the Tube. Here in the north east, we have the Metro, but the green streak in this painting is a platform on the main line to Edinburgh.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I especially love your composition in Night Station. The strong diagonal and having it crash into the light. I love that!

vivien said...

this series is really working

and yes, I would change the livery in 3

Night station is really dynamic - don't overcomplicate it - please!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Harry
Hope you are well.
These are interesting and I look forward to following later stages.
Still trying to guess were you managed to find the reference.
Best Regards

harry bell said...

Elizabeth -- thanks a lot.

Vivien -- there were things about the old livery in No.3 that I liked, but it's gone now. Night Station will have to wait another couple of weeks to see if I spoil it ;0D

Trevor -- sorry mate, some things have to remain secret!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Soooooooooo great. LOVE the tram paintings. Very special.