Thursday, 4 June 2009

Almost There

Train at Soller (work in progress)

Finding some time available before going off to the Art Club to catch up on events there, I've put in some of the defining lines in the structure of the town. I've also darkened the sky which I think makes it sit better in the whole composition.

Very little more to be done; more definition to the carriage, one of the passengers to be completed and possibly a change to the colour of the man's shirt, second from the left.


Anonymous said...

I like the darker sky! Gives the upper part a bit more weight, which seems to improve the balance of the piece. I love the composition. (Full disclosure: I just started painting again after a 4-year hiatus, so I'm getting back into "art appreciation" mode.)


harrybell said...

Thanks, Al. I appreciate informed opinion, especially when it's in my favour! Good luck with the return to painting.

Don Gray said...

Terrific. I love the juxtaposition of the train and buildings.