Monday, 1 June 2009

Entering Threadneedle

Both Vivien and April, in their comments on the previous post, suggested that I deliver my submissions to the Threadneedle Prize in person, making a day of it in London. Having checked the prices of the courier, I've come to the same conclusion: it would be almost as cheap and more fun to do it myself.

The return ticket from London to Newcastle is booked. Now all I need is to find out when I can get the Tram pictures back from Preston Hall and I'll be able to book the ticket to London, making at least a couple of days there.


vivien said...

have a great day :>)

Trevor Lingard said...

Good luck Harry with your entry.
I`m sure your efforts will be well worth it. No doubt that you will be accepted too. I shall watch out for you in the listings. Have a good time in London too.
Best Regards

harrybell said...

Thank you both, and Trevor - I wish I had your confidence, but I'll borrow some of it for now.

April Jarocka said...

Good for you Harry!