Thursday, 11 June 2009

Longbenton Skies

Although, when Vivien Blackburn issued her sky-sketching challenge in May, I didn't have time to take her up on it, I was determined to find an old sketchbook that had some skies in it.

In March of 1990 I found myself in an office with views of the sky and while I don't remember what prompted it, I bought a ring-bound A5 pad of Ingres pastel paper and some oil pastels which I put in a little box marked "SKIES". Whenever the opportunity arose - in other words, when the office was otherwise empty - I quickly sketched the sky, noting the date and time.

In April 1990, I moved into another office with views of ... another office.

As luck would have it, I couldn't find the sketchbook in good time to link with Vivien's listing of sky-bloggers but I came across it today, along with various sentimental items I thought were long ago destroyed, so here are the five sketches of the skies over Newcastle Central Office in March 1990.

1 March 1990, 4.25pm

15 March 1990, 3.45pm

19 March 1990, 11.15am

20 March 1990, 12.00pm

March 1990 (no specific date or time)


vivien said...

I'm glad you found them :>) and they are duly linked

It's great when you rediscover things you thought were lost

harrybell said...

You're right. I'm particularly pleased to have found one item, even if it made me sad.