Monday, 8 June 2009

And again, Wayne Thiebaud

I make no apologies for posting another video about Wayne Thiebaud. The man's work fascinates me and in this video there's a chance to see him applying paint.


Anonymous said...

Wow. No apologies necessary. What an interesting man and what interesting work. Thanks for posting this! Where have I been all my life?

Don Gray said...

Thanks for posting this--great to see him smearing that pastry-like paint across canvas.

About five years ago my wife and I stumbled on a poster in Malibu, California, advertising a Thiebaud exhibit at nearby Pepperdine University. The opening reception was just beginning, so we rushed over and were treated to Thiebaud himself, giving a talk and fielding questions. It was a memorable treat to see his paintings and hear him speak about his motivations and processes. He is personable and down to earth, as is apparent in this video.

Casey Klahn said...

"Painting can be a type of miracle." WT.

Suburb. I like the way art teachers can talk.