Thursday, 11 June 2009

Union Quay Artists Collective

On Wednesday night, I went down to Tynemouth Metro Station to visit the Union Quay Artists. The Metro Station there is a lovely old Grade II listed Victorian station with a curious covered bridge over the line. There are two pedestrian walkways, between which is a long gallery space, the original purpose of which I can't imagine. For some time now, however, it's been used as a temporary exhibition space with rail passengers being able to view the work through the little windows running the length of the walkways.

In March, the Union Quays Artists began to set up some temporary studios in the Bridge and since then have been drawing, painting and holding workshops (see their blog). While I've been less than enthusiastic about some of the temporary shows in the Bridge, I thought this was a really good one and I confess to a frisson of envy. In the light of my recent work, I could envisage some interesting subjects coming through the station on the Metro trains.

My friend Barbara Maskrey, one of the artists there, invited me to their Artists Evening on Wednesday night and my only regret is that I couldn't get there earlier. Still, I had an hour and a half to meet and talk to the other artists there, and I hope to be able to meet them again soon. Making contacts with other artists is a Good Thing, I think.


Lindsay said...

Harry thanks for telling us about this. I love the idea and the artis't work is very strong

harrybell said...

It is. I think I may have more to say about them in future.