Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Fun: minus zero

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A couple of years or so ago, MIT published some research which showed that an untidy desk was evidence of a creative mind. I'm living proof that this is so.

But the level of untidiness in Stately Zip Mansion should indicate that I'm a second Michaelangelo (or third, given that that buffoon Jeff Koons thinks he's the second).

The trouble with this level of disorganisation is that I can't find anything I want when I want it. And this, coupled with a considerable degree of sensory and experiential overload, has led to the pilot light going out in my Fun Boiler.

While Patsy123 struggles with her new carpet and IKEA flatpacks alone, I've spent the day trying to achieve my No.1 priority: finding out if there's really a table under the pile of paper in the dining room.

And indeed there is. For the first time in months it would be possible to eat a meal set out on it. Still some way to go, but most of the paper has been sorted, torn up or filed.

I feel a real sense of achievement.

Coupled with a further sense of trepidation as I regard the pile of paper on the coffee table. And the one on the armchair. Oh, and the one on the footstool.

And could that be one lurking under the table?

I'm determined to get this project done, though. When it's finished, not only will it make sense to actually hoover the carpet thoroughly, but I should have completed the paperwork on some important arts contacts and updated my AXIS account.

But it won't be what I call Fun.

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