Saturday, 31 July 2004

My momma done say

On this blue moon day, my horoscope said:

Your key planet, Uranus, and his mental friend, Mercury, are singing your favorite tune today as they harmoniously snap, crackle and pop with eclectic ideas and stimulating thoughts. You feel alive, although not necessarily in your body. You are in your head. It's a thinking day and you'd do well to seek out other like-minded eccentrics with whom you can travel to the edges of the universe.

Like-minded eccentrics, eh? Nothing for it but to visit my dear old mum. Actually, as it's her 88th birthday, I could hardly do less.

And did we travel to the edges of the universe? Not quite. I still got it in the neck. Why, she wanted to know, did I give away my wife's second baby to my Big Auntie? All Big Auntie does is put it out in the garden first thing in the morning.

After a while, I made my excuses and left.

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