Sunday, 25 July 2004

Musical Interlude

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When I got to Tynemouth, the tide was out, so I couldn't hear the sea. Instead, we played PS by Andy Sheppard and John Parricelli, which is almost as sensuous and relaxing as the sound of the sea. Highly recommended, if you haven't heard it, as is everything else Andy Sheppard has done since switching to the Provocateur label.

On the way home yesterday I decided to check out
Windows, probably the most eclectic record store in town. I try to ration my trips there because I always find something I want.

Sure enough, one of the most recent additions to my Keep an Eye Out For list -
Rounds by Four Tet - was in stock. Rated 5/5 by The Guardian, 5/5 by Uncut, 9/10 by NME and "The future starts here" by The Independent, I figured I could do worse than buy it.

And it's growing on me. The brainchild of Keiran Hebden, it melds folk, jazz and Eastern rhythms with hip hop production to give a beautiful and absorbing product. Funky too. I think I'll be listening to this for some time to come.

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