Monday, 12 July 2004

Tiddy Oggy

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The Saturday hanging went very well indeed. We were done within about an hour and a half. And I have to say the show looks pretty damn fine.

Only the press release remains to be done (by me, tomorrow). The posters are done and look good and the invitations to the Private View have been posted.

If you're in the area (BykerSink?), do please look us up! Bring your cheque-books!

There's no release for me from fun, it seems. On Tuesday I'm flying to Bristol, where I'll be picked up by Buddy K and Suzie who are in Swansea even as I write.

From Bristol we drive onwards to the ends of the world, or at least St Ives. After Desperate Cornish Fun, including no doubt the Tate St Ives, it's back to Bristol and a return flight to Newcastle.

Speak to you then.

Until then stay sweet and fresh.

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