Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Blog Brush (sorry)

Using Google Alerts, I've been searching the Interweb for blogs which contain the word "painting." As a result, I've found an awful lot of people are currently painting their walls and seemingly not enjoying the experience.

But interior decoration wasn't what I was looking for, of course. What I really wanted was to find some new and interesting artist bloggers and one or two of them are now listed in the sidebar.

One that I'm very pleased to have found is that of Vivien Blackburn, -
paintings prints and stuff. In her current post, she's suggested a project which, in an idle moment between frantic preparations for exhibitions, I thought I'd have a go at.

"Your task grasshopper, should you wish to take it, is to sketch your paintbrushes," is what she said. So here's a sketch, in watercolour and Pentel brush-pen, of one of my much-abused acrylic gesso priming brushes.

As always with watercolour, I ended up cursing the wateriness of it and, indeed, the Pentel was used to pull it back into shape (although nothing at all could be done for the curiously shaped handle). And I know it's only one brush, but it's a start. My sketchbook has been neglected for too long.


vivien said...

a brush full of character :>) it's lived! I really like it

thanks for taking up the challenge and for your nice write up

and for introducing me to your great blog - I've really enjoyed visiting and seeing your work

Mr Zip said...

Thanks, Vivien. I'm glad you found something of interest. Please call again.

Robyn said...

I think it's a brush full of character too. I was so impressed I thought I should get on with mine. So I sketched one brush too. Now I re-read Vivien's challenge and she says 'brushes'. Do you think we'll be disqualified?

Very much enjoyed your Venice paintings too.

Mr Zip said...

Thanks Robyn. I'll be over to see your brush soon. I wouldn't worry about the number of brushes (unless you're only in it to win the prize, of course!)

vivien said...

no not disqualified!!!

I've organised a committee of friends for the judging too - wriggling out of difficult decisions alone!

Mr Zip said...

You are a fair and wise person, Vivien.