Thursday, 10 April 2008

Yellow Page Despair

I really must get my name taken out of Yellow Pages. In the seven years I've been listed there, the only enquiries I've received - with one exception - have been on the lines of, "Do you paint pet portraits?" I got another today. There's obviously a crying need for pet portrait painters in the North East, but I'm not ready to serve that need.

The one exception? Someone wanted to know if I painted weddings. I assume they meant from photographs, but the image of my setting up an easel in front of the church, while the bride and groom's families pose in their best hats, is an intriguing one.


ken said...

Good to hear that you Yellow Pages print ad is making your phone ring, even if it's not exactly the kind of business you are looking for.

Could it be your ad, either its design or the information you have in it??

Mr Zip said...

I'm sure a more detailed ad would cut out the calls from the wrong sort of clients. But I'm unconvinced that people who want my kind of paintings actually look in Yellow Pages to find them. Nor am I convinced that the return on a more elaborate ad would be worth the additional expense (my ad currently cost me nothing).

Could it be you have an axe to grind, Ken? Thanks for the comment, anyway.