Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Garden Twitter

I'm pleased to say the recent snow hasn't had any obvious affect on the presence of birds in my garden. I've kept them fed and watered and, observing their terrific response to a block of suet embedded with mealworms, I've put up two more.

In the last couple of weeks I've noticed:

  • A good dozen sparrows.
  • Three or four goldfinches.
  • Several pairs of starlings.
  • A pair of black caps (who eat only the suet)
  • A bigger gang of jackdaws than I'd really like.
  • A flock (at times) of wood pigeons.
  • An old wood pigeon who spends most of his time dozing on the fence.
  • Several collared doves (two of whom I think are nesting in the big conifer).
  • A song thrush.
  • Lots of blue tits.
  • A scuttle of coal tits.
  • A constant skirmish of blackbirds.
  • An annoyance of magpies.


marja-leena said...

Sounds delightful. Where do you get mealworms?

Mr Zip said...

The suet blocks I buy already contain them (or insects , berries or peanuts), but the stores I use sell freeze-dried mealworms in tubs, too. Wrens and robins like them a lot.