Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cataloguing with Flick!

I've been planning on cataloguing my work for some time now. I really need a centralised database of all the work I've produced in the last 20 years, with details of sizes, prices, exhibitions they've been in, galleries who've shown them and who bought them.

This looked like one of those tasks that might never get off the ground, but reading about a piece of software in The Cycling Artist, has shown it is achievable after all. Several times on that blog, Tina Mammoser has extolled the virtues of Flick! software for just this purpose, so I downloaded it, tried it out and bought it.

It really is a great bit of kit. It has so many useful functions that I've been playing with for days, while beginning the task of entering details of my work. Admittedly, this is still a mammoth task, but I doubt that any other system could make it easier.


marja-leena said...

I wonder if it's an update of a program I checked out a few years ago, but was not available for Macs then. I see this one is and it does look interesting. Thanks for the recommendation!

Tina Mammoser said...

Glad you like it. :) Slow and steady is the key. My main goal was to get recent work in (current work that is in inventory or at galleries). I figured I couldn't stress about sold and old stuff but getting current work in would make the system start working for me! Even 15 minutes a day, or 10 paintings a day, and it gets done quicker than you think. I also didn't worry about my clients yet, I'm going to do that next but have them all in an address book system so that suffices on that front.

Have fun! (it that can apply to our databases)

Mr Zip said...

m-j: Could be the one. You could always try it out for free. The state of the current exchange rate made it worthwhile for me to buy it.

Tina: Welcome. I hope you might call again. What you say about tackling the current work first, and gradually catching up with the backlog makes perfect sense.