Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Someone Blows My Trumpet

It's not something we've been used to, my Figure 8 pals and I, but it's always good to get a decent write-up in the press. When we gave a talk in the Gallery in Darlington last week about our Colour Room exhibition , in addition to a good sized interested audience, there was a reporter from the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette.

It's not easy to get hold of the Evening Gazette in Gateshead, but luckily there's an online version. And, although it's a little disappointing to find there are no photographs to illustrate the piece, the write-up is extensive and very positive.

"I am very interested in townscapes and I did a lot of paintings with no people in," explains Harry, "but recently I have found people creeping in."

They certainly do in his elegant and eye-catching views of Venice where the diverse crowds packing the ever present water buses dramatically take centre stage over the city's gorgeous buildings.

There's more here.


Anna said...

Good piece - bet you're chuffed.

Mr Zip said...

I am. I don't like to blow my own trumpet, so it's nice when someone does it for me.