Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Since Prague

Please excuse the silence. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Prague. I thought it a most magical city with wonderful architecture and delightful people. But I also picked up a streaming cold on my last day there and since then have been hard at work a) fighting it off, and b) desperately trying to finish my Vaporetto series.

Due to some kind of mental aberration, I discovered I had only a week and a half to get nine paintings finished for the upcoming Figure 8 show in Darlington. Luckily I work well under pressure, but it has meant painting through the day and well into the night. At the moment there's only one of them finished, but the others are getting there. I am quietly confident (and secretly panicking) that they will all be finished by the coming weekend.

Here's one of the new ones, still showing part of the crimson underpainting (an experiment):

Vaporetto 5:Photographers (work in progress)

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