Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Exploring Mallorca: Bollards

Concrete Bollards (Mechanical pencil, A5 sketchbook)

You know what, I think I've got it figured. The reason I've been struggling to reassert the creative spirit is because after a year of working towards several shows, I reached a point where there were other things to be done. Things like accounts, hoovering, boring stuff. And to do that, I needed to engage my left brain.

Unfortunately, losing my golden stud meant my right brain was shaken loose and my left brain was able to take complete control. This would explain why I've been spending inordinate amounts of time playing word games like PathWords and Scramble on Facebook. My head is stuffed full of word patterns.

Nothing for it but to buckle down and get back to basics. Drawing is what's called for, so today I did this drawing in the sketchbook I started earlier this year. It's based on a photograph I took in Porto Pollensa on the first day there, and is one of those subjects that make friends and relatives say, Yes, but why did you take it?

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daviddrawsandpaints said...

I know when I go on holiday with sketchbook primed and ready it used to take me days to settle and get started. Now I make a point of jumping in with anything that takes my fancy just to mark the first page and get me going.
I too can imagine doing something like this while getting acclimatised to the Majorcan sun!