Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Exploring Mallorca: Agave 2

Agave 2 (Pencil, Inktense pencils, Pilot disposable fountain pen, A5 sketchbook)

Some of the media fought one another on this. I drew it out in 2B pencil, then put on the Inktense pencil. This made the pencil lines fade, so I had to go over the lines and some of the darks with the disposable pen. The final result isn't too bad, although the computer has conspired with the media to alter the look of the original (the red, for instance, is much more even in the sketch)


Virtual Voyage said...

...Interesting how the play of complementaries suggest movement when it's actually static...(either that or I need new glasses!) Thanks for the tip - I headed off to Kew, but ended up at Tate Modern instead.

harrybell said...

It does seem to writhe, Medusa-like, but whether that's due to the red-green axis, I'm not sure, red-green being my weak spot.

Hope you didn't spend too much time at the Tate lolling on beds :)

Anonymous said...

Harry, I tried writing a comment on your Blog and it vanished - I wanted to say how much I liked the cactus drawing, but was blown away by the coloured in version. I said you were a very talented sod Harry Bell, but it vanished into the ether!


harrybell said...

And yet, here you are, transferred as if by magic, from another place. Don't let your first failure put you off. The Comments Box is always here for you :)