Thursday, 30 October 2008

A Long Day at the Easel

Tynemouth (work in progress)

I had an early appointment with the doctor this morning, so I figured for once I'd get an early start at the Club. Stopping off only to pick up a sandwich for later, I went straight from the surgery to the Club and had started painting by 10.30. I didn't stop until round about 4.30 .

It's a while since I've stood at the easel for so long, and I certainly felt it later, but I'm relatively pleased with the day's result.

It's a painting of the buildings at the mouth of the Tyne that can be seen from the window of Pat's flat. The far shore is South Shields, although I've yet to indicate the buildings there. There are still patches of quite bright orange showing here and there, due to my choice of ground this time - orange PVA.

I say I'm relatively pleased because I find myself painting yet another picture with that red/green axis, and I can't honestly tell what it looks like to others. Nevertheless, I think it's working. Initially the sea was unfeasibly blue, but some borrowed Payne's grey altered that. I may still work on it a little more if I can remember to take along a tube of indigo instead.


Anonymous said...

It's a fine looking painting, Harry.


harrybell said...

Thank you, Bruce. You're a man of taste.

Pat said...

You would have needed lots more Paynes grey yesterday Harry, but today the sea is shimmering silver with bright sunshine.

harrybell said...

You just can't get a decent tube of shimmering silver oil paint these days.

Anonymous said...

Love Tynemouth - the work in progress
Graham J

harrybell said...

Thanks, Graham, and welcome. Call again!