Friday, 10 October 2008

I Get The Horn

Browsing through my Google Alerts today, I came across this:

At some point, it sounds like she’s found a horn player, who has the very, very promising name of Harry Bell. If I was a horn player, I would want to be called Harry Bell, and I would look like a refuge from a Harley rally, and would be the loudest damn horn player on earth. My playing would sound like I’d just eaten a raw yak.

I can't decide whether to be mildly offended or secretly pleased.


Doctor Pam said...

Why stop at secretly pleased? Why not display your absolute unfettered delight by posting about it on your blog?

Keep on tootin'! (Mmmmm, raw yak....)

harrybell said...


Ellis Nadler said...

Those Soviet watercolours are really good. Best bargain ever.

harrybell said...

Thanks, Ellis. I must start playing around with them. [This is a reference to Yarka watercolours]