Monday, 20 October 2008

Old Drawings #19

Ford Castle Garden 1994 (4B pencil, A3)

For a number of years I went to painting weekends at Ford Castle in Northumberland, organised by the Friends of the Hatton. There were usually two of them a year, in Spring and Autumn, and they were wonderful weekends, providing camaraderie, great food and the chance for quiet painting and drawing in the private grounds.

The Castle belonged to the Duke of Northumberland's family, but was leased to Northumberland County Council Education Authority. We were able to use it in out of term times. Unfortunately, it eventually fell under a new regime and it became finacially impractical for us to use it any more.

I did a lot of work in sketchbooks on those weekends, and several pochade paintings, but this one was on a single sheet of paper. I drew it from one of the dormitory windows (we had the place to ourselves, so I had a dormitory to myself!) and although I think I started a painting of the same view, nothing came of it.

This is often the case - the making of the drawing is sufficient. I don't find I want to do more with it. Do any of you feel the same way sometimes?


Serena said...

More than I should at times! Must be something to do with the creative spirit and always wanting to push ever onwards, and not wishing to keep going back over work that has already been "exorcised." ( Laziness might be a factor too, though!)

harrybell said...

I think I prefer your first reason more than the parenthetical hair shirt.

Anonymous said...

Since all the artwork I do nowadays could be counted as drawings, yeah, I'd agree. With drawing, at times, one is solving different problems and working on different issues that one can, generally, with painting. Though one can provide the skeleton for the other.


harrybell said...

That's True, Bruce. I think I find, however, that the skeleton is often satisfactory without further flesh.