Friday, 31 October 2008

Something Else at the Club

Barley Mow (work in progress)

[Unfortunately, I appear to have chopped the bottom off when I took this photograph. Better next time.]

Taking advantage of Overspill Friday, I went off to the Club again today with a new canvas already laid out in pencil and covered in the orange PVA ground I used yesterday.

Sometimes it takes a different environment to kick start a painting session and these days at the Club are proving useful in that respect. At the end of the day I sat and looked at this painting-in-progress and wondered if perhaps I "shouldn't do another thing to it" - something of a catch phrase of an old tutor of mine. In its present state it reminds me of the work of Chip Chadbourn, of whom I've written previously. Up close, however, it's less satisfactory, and I know I'll have to work on it some more.


virtual voyage said...

Like the rhythm in this. I first came across Chip Chadbourn's work in a compilation Everything you ever needed to know about oil painting (?) and warm to his approach - thanks for the link to explore.

I could do with a change of environment to kick start oil painting.

ian gordon said...

I like how "catch phrases of old tutors" come back to mind. This happens with me constantly.

The Club certainly has been proving an inspiring environment for you recently. Love these recent works.

harrybell said...

V.V. -- I know the book you refer to. If you like Chadbourn's work, his book (either of them really, but the second is better) is worth hunting for.

Ian -- I do feel I'm on a roll with these new pictures. If only I can maintain momentum!