Monday, 3 May 2010

Dales Diary - Tuesday 27 April

Scar Top (Rotring Art Pens, 21 x 25 cm sketchbook)

At the top of the hill behind TheRookery and overlooking the valley was an old farm house, Scar Top. Derelict for some time, it's now being renovated, but while we were there no work was being done. It was a fascinating place with 17th C milking parlours and an eerie shed with tables and chairs laid out formally, heads and skulls of animals on the walls next to old iron traps and bottles of wine in a rack.

To draw the house, I stood on the steep track just as it turned onto the top of the hill, and used my favourite Art Pens. I've mentioned before how these had stopped working, but just before I went on this trip I followed the advice given me by Wibbler in the Comments and - hurrah! - they work perfectly now.

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