Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dales Diary - Wednesday 28 April (am)

Ravine (4B pencil in A4 sketchbook)

We'd been promised heavy rained for Wednesday, but by the time the day rolled round the bad weather had moved away, so Roly and I went for a short drive to check out the far end of the valley and on into Wharfedale. Just beyond Buckden, we topped a rise and on the way down the other side, came across this ravine with a not very energetic waterfall in it.

It was a delight to sit in the sunshine and struggle with the problem of capturing streams and trickles of water falling in the recesses of the ravine.


April Jarocka said...

It's looking like you had a great time Harry. I always fancied packing an overnight bag & my art materials & running off to County Kerry for a long painting weekend of mountains & moments spent soaking up the celtic magic.
If ever you come over to Ireland you MUST do Killarney. It's my most favourite place. I'll have to send you some links.

harry bell said...

I'd love to come to Ireland some day. I was interested in doing so years ago, but having "Government Service" on my passport put me off. Luckily times have moved on.