Sunday, 30 May 2010

Distracted Again

Night Station 2 (work in progress)

I've been forced to take my eye off the ball, despite an earnest wish to get on with the outstanding paintings of Shops & Stalls, Kastela restaurants and like so. A few days ago I learned I have the chance of showing some work in a gallery I hold in very high esteem; I've shown there before and have been anxious to show there again for some time.

But there's a problem. The show will be at the end of the year and, although it won't be themed, it was made clear to me that "Winter" paintings are what will be required. The problem? I don't do Winter paintings, or at least haven't done for some considerable time. You'll know that I regularly work from photographs, but I don't even take many photographs in the Winter. I hate the Winter. It's cold and miserable and for some years now I've concentrated on making paintings celebrating colour and light; they make me happy.

So what do I do? It's a not inconsiderable dilemma, but one I'm determined to work through. In an effort to get into a "Winter" frame of mind, I've just begun this painting, a companion piece to the Night Station I painted last year. We'll see how it works out. There are definitely things about it that I like and I may yet be able to fuse this kind of subject matter to my other current work.


vivien said...

I hate winter too - but the skies and the light can be fantastic to paint. Before the arthritis got too painful I often painted on the beach throught the winter and loved the work I did - not the near hypothermia though!

Unknown said...


harry bell said...

Vivien -- I know what you mean about Winter skies, and that's what I'm after in this painting, but it goes against my current interest in flatter more colourful colour planes. I don't seem to be able to make a sky like this without a more "realistic" approach.

Kev -- Yes, moody, although the intention is to brighten things up with the light inside the station.

Arnold said...

All RIGHT .. I'll try this comment thingy again, altough the SECURITY protocol ..type text in the Box .. has failed me/us up until now.

A wonderfully atmospheric Cloudscape in that painting, that does call me to remember that I DID offer to tie you to a Mast Substitute in the early hours of a wintry Sunderland Morning in order that you could recapture the Erie Seascape of my Wintertime Seascape in Sunderland photograph.

' moody ' ..yes ..but also, DRAMATIC

You wouldn't even have had to endure the Waves Bursting over you in Dramatic fashion.

Gods but Modern Artists are SO Soft!

So what if it would be a touch on the Chilly side! You should be prepared to SUFFER for your ART !

harry bell said...

Congratulations, you have defeated the security system.

This view is from the safety and warmth of the offices in Bolbec Hall, where the Art Club is situated. I have no need to freeze.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Harry
You sure sound in delemma. I suppose a theme especially winter puts pressure on you as it would me. It certainly sets a challenge. Good luck with the show.

harry bell said...

It's even more disconcerting, Trevor, when I ask "Is there a theme?" and get a "No." But when I ask "So they don't need to be Winter paintings?" I get a definite "Yes." Thanks for the good wishes. I'll struggle through.