Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Party List

Patsy123 threw a party for me on Sunday and a large part of my world turned up.

School friends Mad Mal and the Missus turned up first. Then old friends Buddy K, Big Dave and the Interrogator arrived from Down South. Private view liggers, the Gay Brothers mixed in well, as did all of Figure 8. The Glum Architect made an appearance without Mrs Sums, but was soon seen smiling. Bill the Builder dropped off CJ and came back for her later, while Doctor Pam drove up from York and stayed the night. Will Barrow, late of the blogosphere, seemed to find himself a corner or two and someone to natter with.

Only The Frootbat and The Boiler had to turn down the invitation due to Grandparently duties.

Patsy123 had prepared enough food to feed 5000, but better that than to run out. The red wine supply was gauged just about right and there aren't too many whites left. Buddy K put paid to rather a lot of the stubby lagers and Doctor Pam got through the night on a small supply of Cokes and J2Os.

It's at least ten years since there was a party at Stately Zip Mansion but I enjoyed it, despite spending most of the night making sure everyone was eating and drinking .

I was presented with three books, a bottle of Champagne Cognac, a bottle of Ardbeg single malt, several bottles of good red wine, $100 (for later use), two wallets (by the same person) and a chocolate teddy bear with my name on it.

And Big Dave rounded out the night by buying one of my pictures.

It was a great night and I have the benefit of being reminded of it every day for the rest of the week as I eat onion bhajias, sausage rolls, quiche, peanuts and tortilla chips for dinner.


Winchester whisperer said...

Belated happy b'day! The party sounded good. I hope Big Dave didn't snaffle that picture I've got my eye on?

Mr Zip said...

Thanks WW. No, Big Dave bought - or at least paid the first instalment on - a painting of Duntrune Castle.

Birdman said...

Belated best wishes. Ardbeg is my favourite. Have a dram for me.

Mr Zip said...

I will, Birdman, and cheers. To think, Ardbeg almost went out of production ...