Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Rats & Ice

There was the first real freeze of the year today. I had to go down to the garden and break the ice off the birds' water dishes. By the time I'd got back to the kitchen, there was a blackbird bathing in the smaller dish.

The Rat Man called again today. I showed him the two new tunnels I'd found and he carefully removed the stones I'd placed over them. Nothing to be seen. But when he stuck his hand down the old hole by the wall (braver man than I), he said with satisfaction, "It's taken that one!" Meaning the bag of blue poison.

He's left another goody bag down that hole and will call again next Tuesday. I shall miss our little chats when he's decided his work's done.


ian gordon said...

When I was a student in L'pool one of the flats I had was high up on Princes Road.

The rat man used to pass by each morning with his empty sack flopping from his shoulder, trouser bottoms tied, and a scruffy dog running before him.

In the evening he walked back the other way, sack bulging, dog looking scruffier.

I wonder what he did with the bodies? One things for sure, in "the pool", someone would have profited from them...

harry bell said...

Wow, how Dickensian! My Rat Man has a nice Gateshead Council uniform and only today he showed me his fleece under-jacket which he'd donned to keep out the cold.

He doesn't have any string round his trousers either. "Nicky tams" they're called in Scotland, but the English seems to be the more prosaic "pieces of string."