Monday, 9 February 2009

Old Drawings #29

View of the Tyne with Baltic Flour Mill (charcoal on cartridge paper)

I don't have the dimensions of this drawing, because it belongs to friends of mine. I did it in 1995 (I think) as a preparatory drawing for the painting they'd commissioned:

View of the Tyne - Baltic (Oil on board) (Private Collection)

The colours in this photograph may not be overly accurate - I think it was taken with a camera phone - but it gives a reasonable idea of it. The view is notable for the absence of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge which wasn't installed until 2000 (of course!)


Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Harry
I like this mood you have created here. The sweep of the river takes me to the horizon which seems to go on for ever. Just stunning.

harry bell said...

Trevor -- thanks. The picture is over the mantelpiece in my friends' house and I get a kick out of seeing it there. I offered them a choice from several I did at the same time, and I reckon they got the best.

Vikki North said...

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harry bell said...

Redchair -- thanks for your invite, some of which seem to come from Bizarro World. I make no promises, but I'll be over to check you all out. Meanwhile, you do realise "pence" is the plural of "penny", don't you?