Sunday, 15 February 2009

Old Drawings #30

3-Way (Charcoal, A1 cartridge paper) Private Collection

This is actually a photograph of a photocopy of the original, the original belonging to a friend.

I came across this thing in Newcastle's Central Station round about 1995. I had no idea what it was, but it fascinated me in a similar way to the water meters of Greece. Oddly enough, when I took the drawing along to an OCA crit, one of the other students shouted out, "Hey, that's a three-way transponder! It shouldn't have it's cover off like that!"

So now you know.

Some years later, another friend commissioned me to paint this from the drawing (This is another camera phone photo, so the colours are a bit suspect again):

3-Way (Oil on board) Private Collection


winna said...

what a great choice of colors and the design is so strong---it seems if you look at it long enough it will "do" something

harry bell said...

It probably will, which is why it ought to have a cover on (apparently).