Thursday, 12 February 2009

Snow Time

Snail (fibretip, digital colour)

The Captain of the Guard was ever vigilant, but was known to take his time in arriving ...

Snow stopped play. I received an email today to say that the heating had broken down at the Art Club, and since it's been snowing constantly since 10 o'clock this morning, I decided to stay home. It still felt too cold to venture outside to the studio, so I hibernated for the day, but found time to do this contribution to Illustration Friday's Time.


The Crafty Cruiser said...

I love that Harry. What are you influences for that sort of illustration? (besides strong ale)

harry bell said...

Hi Birdie, nice to see you back here. The original idea for the snail came from a ceramic snail meant to stand in the garden, but which I have on the widowsill. After that it ws just riffing, seeing what came out of the end of the pencil. Most of my cartoons start like that.