Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tram Beginnings

Prague Tram (work in progress - 1st day)

I know, I know, I've started another one, but I couldn't resist it. I needed to paint and couldn't get into one of the existing pictures. I wanted to make further progress on the Night Station picture, but the inertia was too great.

As is usually the case, I enjoyed working on the early stages of this painting. One of the things I'm trying to do as part of my vague plan for the year, is to shake up my working practices a bit, so most of this was painted with a painting knife and quite a bit of gloopy Spectragel [Note to self: buy new tin of Spectragel]. When I used a brush, it was a round, rather than the flats and filberts I normally employ. I like the freshness this approach has brought to the work and I'll have to see how I can retain some of it as the painting progresses.


Unknown said...

Love the light reflecting inside the roof.

vivien said...

yes Annie, and the looseness of it :>) too

Really like that charcoal sketch in the last post as well

harry bell said...

Annie -- thank you. I confess I was puzzling over where all the yellow content actualy was. You've reminded me that my viewpoint was, of course, from the pavement and so I was looking up into the tram. D'oh.

Vivien -- my charcoal sketches are often loose, but that same looseness rarely carries over into my painting these days. Something to work on.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Harry
This looks interesting and of course I like the vibrancy of the red already. Great composition.

harry bell said...

Thanks again, Trevor. I think you need a big tube of cadmium red light on your Xmas list! ;0)