Monday, 7 July 2008

Another New Start

Edge of Town (work in progress)

I wanted to get something moving today with the picture I'm committed to do for the upcoming Figure 8 show. I decided a few days ago to abandon the idea of making a painting which would be a good fit with the others I've selected for the show. Actually, after checking the size of the gallery, I realise I need only four to fill my allotted space in the main gallery, in addition to the new one, so the concept of a theme is a bit redundant now.

I also realised that I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of paintings I've made using this upright format. It just doesn't readily lend itself to the way I see the world, it seems. However, I found this image amongst some photographs of Rethymnon and liked the possibilities.

At the moment, I'm a little underwhelmed with progress and I can see there'll be a lot of colour decisions and adjustments to be made. We'll see how it goes.


Casey Klahn said...

I opened the image separately and was immediately taken by the value grade from bottom to top. Very keen. Of course, my colorist sense is thrilled with the bold set of hues, and your kind of inverted warmth range.

Awesome work, Harry. Enjoying the drawings, too.

Anna said...

That's got great potential, and blow me down, no pink. Yet.

Chris Bellinger said...

i think the colours need to be a little warmer at the moment it reminds me more of a Edwars Hooper painting!
Have you come across James Isherwood?
not sure if he is your style but his colours are interesting. I have posted a couple of links on my blog!
As you say the painting has potential

Anna said...

I must have been very, very tired last night, of course there is pink. I like the coolness of the colours.

harrybell said...

Casey - the value grade may not survive progress, but I hope to keep the colours or even make them more pronounced.

Anna - yes, there's pink in there. Let's see if it can stand the pace.

Chris - I'd be happy to be the vessel for the Ghost of Edward Hopper. I don't think James Isherwood is my thing at all, I'm afraid.