Monday, 7 July 2008

Old Drawings #5

Cheese plant (2B pencil, A2 cartridge paper)

Years pass. Pages fly from the front of the calendar. Tumbleweed blows across Boogie Street, and I do no drawing apart from cartoons (some of which are finding new life in Illustration Friday).

But now it's 1986. In a Journal I kept at the time, I wrote:
9th October 1986

The only other development has been my first session at the Cert. of Visual Studies course last Monday. I got there and hung around until the tutor, Mr T, put in an appearance. He kind of glanced at my drawings and recent Rhodes sketches and then suggested I sit down and draw something from life. There was already a big cheese plant set up so I had a go at that. After three hours I felt really into it. Wonderful feeling, and he thought it was a good drawing, too.

The problem now is that I'm not sure where I go from here. The course seems totally unstructured. I am supposed to provide my own structure, but surely that's always been my problem. Still, it's maybe a bit early to make judgements.

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