Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Richard Kidd 1952 - 2008

I heard today of the sad death of Richard Kidd, who has drowned while on holiday in the Philippines. I don't think I ever met Richard, despite his having been born in Gateshead, trained in Fine Art at Newcastle University and worked regularly in the area. However, I was very familiar with his work. His big, gestural abstract landscapes were exciting to see and it was evident he put a great deal of himself into the work. What I wasn't aware of, is that, in addition to being a very successful painter and printmaker, showing at the Serpentine and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco., he was also the author of several children's books. People who knew him have told me what a nice guy he was. Sad loss.


Chris Bellinger said...

Yes I saw the obituary in The Guardian. Why id it that ypu come accross interesting painters whn they have just died?
His work looks simolar to my style and I must find out more about him.
It is always sad when someone dies young ot before they are meant to.

harrybell said...

Good luck with finding more references to him, Chris. I was pushed to find many on the Internet when I was preparing the post.