Thursday, 31 July 2008

Old Drawings #11

Pilgrim Street, Newcastle (Oil pastel on carpet lining paper, 13 x 15.5 ins)

Is it a drawing or a painting? Pastels, including oil pastels, fall into that indeterminate area, but for me, this is a drawing.

I guess I must have done this in 1994, because it was a preparatory sketch for a painting (you can still see some of the squaring-up) which I exhibited in the John Laing Art Competition that year. I won the Regional Prize with it, but I'm afraid I don't have a photo of the painting.


Chris Bellinger said...

I woulkd say drawing, but then dyehard patel people would probably argue that thye paint!
Clarified my Image on my blog. It is a Photo of a original acrylic painting I do like the image you have shown though!

vivien said...

I wouldn't like label it :>) I like it though, a great sense of light and lovely free marks

harrybell said...

I'm not generally concerned with labels, if truth be told, I just wanted to justify posting it in the Old Drawings series of posts! :@)