Friday, 18 July 2008

Edging Closer

Edge of Town (work in progress)

Almost there. Isn't it funny how the painting mood can take you? I couldn't get motivated yesterday. I looked and looked at this painting yet, despite my knowing that I couldn't make the work move on without actually starting to put paint onto the canvas again, I couldn't make myself do it. Instead, I worked on some correspondence and arrangements for the upcoming NewcastleGateshead Art Fair.

And then, after watching the latest episode of Dexter, I found the will and began painting at 12.30 this morning. Maybe I just needed an input of serial killing.


ian gordon said...

Isn't that just the case? I reckon, with this "summer" we're having, i would achieve more by sleeping most of the day and working through the night. I'm certainly something of a night owl.

really nice colour here in the shadow areas under that marquee.

harrybell said...

There's something of the night about me too.

The colour under the marquee owes a lot to the burnt orange acrylic wash I laid down over the white canvas before beginning.