Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Maggie Walker

On Friday, Pat and I went to a private view at Gateshead Library Gallery. The show was by Maggie Walker, whom I once knew as the owner of a really good little commercial gallery in Newcastle, called the Clayton Gallery. The sort of gallery we could do with more of in this region.

I really liked her paintings which are made by a form of printing. She told me she knits up the fabric herself - quite a feat, it seems to me, given that some of the pictures are pretty large - and then soaks them in acrylic paint. Then, with the help of her partner, she lays them onto the (damp?) canvas. One or two were also run through a press to make the marks more positive.

Interesting idea. And certainly interesting paintings.


marja-leena said...

Printed paintings...I'd like to see them. Sort of blurs the border between the two. I remember one I did a long time ago except I didn't knit anything and just pressed the paint by hand with crushed papers.

harrybell said...

I've used that method too, though only once. Maggie's method lends itself to water media, however.


JafaBrit's Art said...

What an intriguing process she uses.

I like your blog template and your new banner (or has that been there a while and I just noticed arg!!!!!!)

Anyway it is looking good.

harrybell said...

Hi Corrine, glad you like the new look. I changed over on Ist June, but that's OK.