Thursday, 24 July 2008

Old Drawings #10

Ivy and Rock (2B pencil, A2 cartridge paper)

This was the last drawing I did on the Certificate of Visual Studies course. When the new term started in January 1987, I simply didn't turn up. I really wanted to move my work along, but the laissez-faire attitude of the instructors left me floundering. Maybe it was the fault of the organisation itself, because one of the tutors ended up as a visiting lecturer at the University when I was doing my BA course, and in that role he was one of the few who had anything to offer.


Chris Bellinger said...

It does so much depend on individuals and how they inspire you. On my Uni course the second year has been a bit like how you described your course. The third year looks a bit better but I sometimes wonder why I am paying Tution fees!
Especially as one tutor openly said when someone queried the lack of teaching "Oh we expect people to know about things when they reach here!"

harrybell said...

Or, as one of my tutors put it, "But there's a huge library on campus where you can learn that sort of thing." Indeed, so why employ tutors? Luckily, I escaped tuition fees.