Monday, 21 July 2008

Competition Entry

The People Show rolled around this week. I've always had something accepted for the People Show, until last year when I submitted this painting:

Sometimes Falling, Sometimes Flying (Oil on canvas, 36 x 36 ins)

I thought it had enough about it to be accepted, but evidently the judges didn't agree. It always feels like a bit of a smack in the kisser when you get rejected after a long run of acceptances in a particular show, but you get over it. I did think, however, when viewing the Show afterwards that it seemed to have moved away from the kind of work I produce and had taken on a more Conceptualist feel. When that happens, you can either chase the trend or stay true to yourself. I chose the latter.

So it was with some trepidation that Pat and I carried two of my Vaporetto pictures into town today and left them to the tender mercies of The People Show Judges. I should hear the result by Thursday.


ian gordon said...

This could so be me talking about the Nottingham Open.

But I've taken your route also. "Unto thine own self be true" as Mr Shakespeare once said.

Good luck with the latest submissions. .

Doctor Pam said...

Fingers crossed, Harry!

Bee Skelton said...

They would be crazy to turn one of that series down! All the best.

harrybell said...

Thanks, all of you! I'll let you know what the postcard says on Thursday.