Friday, 7 May 2004

Bean there, done that.

The trip to Leeds went off very well. Everything comes to he who waits, it seems. Will Barrow phoned to say that his licence had been reinstated, so he was able to drive me to the gallery with the five pictures. We got a little lost round about Weatherby, but that simply entailed driving through English countryside roads arrayed in glorious Spring finery, before hitting the road to Leeds again. No hardship there, and sunshine all the way.

The sky got a little miserable and wet nearer Leeds, but the journey back showed how splendid is the Tyneside area for its constant sunshine. Anyway, the pictures were well-received at the gallery and after a little quibbling over the price for one of them, I have some expectation of sales. This would certainly be a Good Thing, according to my most recent bank statement.

So there it was, a pleasant drive without surprises. Unless you count the beans Will Barrow brought me. Bean plants, that is. He tells me they are Special Beans. I know he spends a lot of his time going to markets in the area, but I don't think he ever had a cow to trade for beans, so.....what kind of Special might they be? They came with Special instructors, but I was too tired to read them when I got back.

Instead of going to the Scottish gallery preview at night, I picked up a pepperoni pizza and a bottle of £2.99 Hungarian Kekfrancos Merlot (don't try this at home - it was ghastly!) and did some comfy chair crashing. Despite the quality of the wine and my falling asleep towards the end of the evening's serial killer movie, I felt that, all in all, it had not been a bad day.

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