Friday, 7 May 2004

Nothing Sensible

On the bus into town. He is shrivelled and stooped, well-spoken, somewhat shabby, and could have once been an insurance man. She is young and alert, about 18, with a pony-tail and a big college folder.

He:"The name will mean nothing to you, but there was a man in charge of all of our armed forces, called Field Marshall Montgomery. Many people today believe he was responsible for winning the war."

He:"There is a law which says that for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It's called Newton's First Law of Motion."

She "What did you do after school?"

He:"I was a butcher boy, but after some time I wanted to become a white collar worker. That meant that I would no longer wear an overall, which had a blue collar, but would work in an office where I could wear a white collar. With a tie."

She:"Didn't you want to go to university?"

He:"In those days you had to do National Service. You had to join the Army. Anyway, it was different then. There were only about four universities in the country. There was Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh.....I can't think of any more so there must have been only three. Newcastle University used to be King's College then, A high level of education, but not a university."

She:"What did you do when you came out of the Army?"

He:"I became an insurance man."

I can't wait to become older so I can impart my wisdom to unknowing youth.