Saturday, 29 May 2004

Big Scribble

ZipMedia's roving arts correspondent, Patsy123, emails again:

I want to tell you about what I did this afternoon. It relates to what you have been thinking about your art. I went to the Anthony Gormley installation at the White Cube Gallery. It was truly amazing. I quote from the info sheet: "The artist has referred to his work as an 'attempt to materialise uncertainty: the uncertainty of things that we know to exist but don't have the language to describe'." Standing inside the 'big 3D scribble' takes away any kind of reference point and plays games with your sense of size and space. He's right; there are no words to describe how it makes you feel. Mind you I think I felt it particularly because of my slight dyspraxia and my problem judging distance. I forced myself to pick my way carefully through it (without getting garotted)and much of the time I was alone in there. I think with this he has grasped the ungraspable.

I am deeply envious, more so since I learned that the show closed today.

The show I'm desperately looking forward to is, of course, the Edward Hopper retrospective at Tate Modern. The only painting of his I've ever seen in the "flesh" as it were, is Nighthawks. I saw it in the Art Institute of Chicago, on two separate occasions. One of the attendants told me it's the picture they get asked for directions to, more often than any other.

He didn't just collar me and start telling me this, you understand. I'd asked him where Nighthawks was.

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