Wednesday, 12 May 2004

The Great Procrastinator

Looking at my ragbag of links to the left there, I'm beginning to see a pattern emerging: it's starting to look as untidy as the Zip living room at Stately Zip Mansion. Perhaps it's time to take advantage of one of Blogger's new templates. But which one.....? And what will happen to my laboriously arranged HTML edits?

I've lived much of my life like this. I still haven't put up the mirror in the bathroom in case it falls off and breaks some of the tiles which would be impossible to replace.

I guess it comes from a deep sense of insecurity.

Every now and again, however, I find myself saying, "Fuck it. Just do it! Bugger the consequences. What situation could arise from your actions that would be so dire as to be unrecoverable?"

Which is how I came to know Patsy123. And how I ended up blogging.

So look out, a new Boogie Street will rise from the ashes of the old!

Probably. Real Soon Now. And I've had the bathroom mirror for ten years now. Bit longer won't make much difference...

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