Tuesday, 11 May 2004

What's he building in there?

Time to come clean. The Zip Estate is not as big as I may have suggested in earlier postings. It certainly does not approach the six and a half thousand acres of the Laird of Duntrune, but I guess this is just as well. Mowing the lawn is not my strong suit, so a lawn that big would certainly fall into disrepair. No, my garden is much more modest; small even.

Which means that I have a particularly good view of that Guard Tower in the garden beyond Lucy Smooth's. I mean, what kind of a shed is that? It's hardly bigger than one of those cabins you find at the entrance to derelict-land car parks. When you go in the door, you must be almost up against the back wall. Sure, there's a window, but once you get a seat in there to look out, that's all you can do. That and watch the neighbours. I suppose you could open your garden to the public and collect entrance fees through your little window, but as this one's about twelve feet above pavement level, I don't think that's his plan. What's he up to? It's not a Man's shed!

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