Thursday, 20 May 2004

True Rat

My old buddy, True Rat, emailed me today about the Bumper Sticker websites:

I've combined several of the stickers into some nice wallpaper for my PC. I can't believe that there's still a chance Bush will be re-elected. Not personally knowing the President, it's a bit unfair to criticise him based on the writings of only his critics, but, darn it, the man's a fool. He shouldn't be in a job that doesn't largely involve counting his bogies as the main task. If Britain doesn't make you despair of politics then at least we can rely on the USA.

Dubya has been to tea here several times and I can confirm the man is an utter twat. He lost count of his bogies at ten.

(Note to self: be prepared to prove this when CIA call)

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