Thursday, 27 May 2004

Out of my Head

Posted by Hello
A word or two about the artwork.

I thought long and hard about putting photos in this blog, and eventually came down against it as a general working principle. The magic of the written word is such that it allows us to build up a mental picture of what's being written about - and it's our own mental picture.

I'd built up my own picture in my head of what Birdman's Shed might be like. When he published a photograph of it, I was a bit disappointed. Nice enough shed. Nay, a splendid shed. But not the shed in my head.

So no photographs on Boogie Street, unless I can't find a way of doing otherwise.

But having imported the Hello facility, I figured I might make some use of it. The first drawing I put in was of Duntrune Castle, done on the spot on my recent trip there. The cartoon head is years old, probably dating from around 1976 (I drew cartoons for many years before turning to painting).

My intention is to try to find either some old drawing or cartoon which fits the post, or simply put one in because I like it or have done it recently (the one above falls into the former category). My drawing practice is in need of reinvigoration, so this may provoke some new activity.

Time will tell how this works out. If such time is given to us.

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