Wednesday, 19 May 2004

Socks or Curry?

According to the Editorial in La Petite Zine, this is the remedy for a head cold:

Soak a pair of cotton socks in a bowl of ice water. At the same time, soak your feet in a basin of hot water (not scalding, but hot as you can take if you want to intensify the process, take a hot bath). Once your entire body heats up (a little bit of sweat on your upper lip may act as your timer), remove your feet from the basin (or your body from the bath, in which case, towel off immediately and get into your
pajamas). Do the following in quick succession: remove the cotton socks from the ice water and put them on your feet; put on a dry pair of wool socks over the wet cotton socks; get immediately into bed, under sufficient covers, and stay there for 8 hours. Ideally, you should complete this process at night, and go directly to sleep. You will wake completely cured. At very least, you will wake with a clearer head. It works.

So it's ice cold socks versus a hot curry and a lot of whisky. I know where my vote goes.

Tonight, I have been eating mostly potato and leek soup with added chilli followed by oranges and a banana. Rounded out by a small yoghurt, not apricot. There was a pear and a glass of fino as an apperitif, and later this evening, the bottle of Bourbon will be wrung out. Socks? Didn't even bother to put any on.

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