Tuesday, 18 May 2004


I've often debated with myself the meaning of the old adage, "Ne'er cast a clout till May is out." I've generally come to the conclusion that the "May" referred to is actually May blossom, rather than the month of May. Seemed to make sense, in that, if the weather has been poor, the blossom will probably be late. Ergo, it will be too cold to cast any of those clouts accumulated over the winter.

But now I'm not so sure. There's certainly an abundance of May blossom about, and the excellent weather has seen me casting clouts like they were going out of fashion (actually, in the Toon, I think they are). But the month is not yet out.

And what has happened? I've got a sore throat, a snuffly nose and regular bouts of sneezing. I've got a cold! And is there any echinacea in the house? There is not. I NEED echinacea. For the love of god, ECHINACEA!!!

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